Stock Market Hours on MLK Day: Open or Closed


When it comes to trading in the stock market, it's important to know the operating hours of the exchanges. Many traders wonder if the stock market is open on holidays, such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In this article, we will explore the stock market hours on MLK Day and whether the exchanges are open or closed during this national holiday.

Understanding MLK Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, also known as MLK Day, is a federal holiday in the United States. It is celebrated on the third Monday of January each year, in honor of the civil rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr. This day is observed as a time for reflection, community service, and education about the importance of equal rights.

Stock Market Holidays

The stock market operates on a regular schedule throughout the year, except on specified holidays. These holidays, recognized by major stock exchanges, include New Year's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, among others. However, the stock market is not closed on all federal holidays, and MLK Day is one such exception.

Is the Stock Market Open on MLK Day?

Yes, the stock market is open on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It is not considered a market holiday, and therefore, the exchanges operate as usual. This means that traders and investors can buy or sell stocks, options, and other securities during regular trading hours.

Stock Market Hours on MLK Day

The stock market generally follows regular trading hours from Monday to Friday. The most well-known exchanges in the United States are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Nasdaq Stock Market.

The NYSE opens for trading at 9:30 AM Eastern Time and closes at 4:00 PM Eastern Time. The Nasdaq follows a similar schedule, with trading hours from 9:30 AM Eastern Time to 4:00 PM Eastern Time. These trading hours apply on MLK Day as well, so investors can participate in the market during this holiday.

Pre-Market and After-Hours Trading

In addition to regular trading hours, some exchanges offer extended hours for pre-market and after-hours trading. Pre-market trading allows investors to trade securities before the official market opens, while after-hours trading occurs after the market closes.

For pre-market trading, the NYSE opens at 4:00 AM Eastern Time and closes at 9:30 AM Eastern Time. The Nasdaq offers pre-market trading from 4:00 AM Eastern Time to 9:30 AM Eastern Time as well.

After-hours trading on the NYSE and Nasdaq starts at 4:00 PM Eastern Time and ends at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. These extended trading hours provide opportunities for traders to react to news or events that may impact the market outside of regular hours.

Impact of MLK Day on Stock Market

While the stock market remains open on MLK Day, it is important to note that the trading volume and liquidity may be lower compared to regular days. Some investors, particularly institutional traders, may be away from their desks or taking the day off in observance of the holiday.

Lower trading volume can potentially lead to increased volatility and wider bid-ask spreads. However, the impact may not be significant enough to deter active traders who are looking for trading opportunities.

Other Financial Markets

It's worth mentioning that while the stock market is open on MLK Day, other financial markets may have different operating hours. For example, the bond market, also known as the fixed-income market, may have abbreviated trading hours or may be closed entirely on holidays.

It is always a good idea for traders and investors to check individual markets and exchanges for their specific holiday schedules to avoid any surprises or confusion.


Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a federal holiday celebrated in the United States to honor the civil rights activist. While the stock market remains open on MLK Day, investors should be aware of the potential impact of lower trading volume. It's important to stay informed and be prepared for any market conditions that may arise, even on holidays. As always, it is recommended to check the specific operating hours of the exchanges and markets you wish to trade in to ensure accurate and timely execution of your trades.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Are banks closed on MLK Day?

    Most banks are closed on MLK Day, as it is a federal holiday. It's advisable to check with your individual bank for their specific holiday schedule.

  • 2. Are there any market holidays when the stock market is closed?

    Yes, there are several market holidays throughout the year when the stock market is closed. Some examples include New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. It is recommended to consult the holiday schedule provided by the exchanges for the most accurate information.

  • 3. Do international markets observe MLK Day?

    No, MLK Day is a federal holiday specific to the United States. International markets adhere to their own holiday schedules, which may or may not coincide with MLK Day.

  • 4. Are there any trading restrictions on MLK Day?

    There are no specific trading restrictions on MLK Day. However, it's important to be mindful of potentially lower trading volume and its impact on market liquidity and volatility.

23 October 2023
Written by John Roche